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MacBook Repair in Aurora, CO

The Phone Plug offers MacBook repair services in Aurora, CO for MacBook (Retina), MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models. Let us know what MacBook model you have and the issue you’re having with it, and our technicians will handle the repairs for you.

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All our MacBook repairs are covered by our 30-day warranty on parts and labor. Our technicians will fix any issue with the part they repaired or replaced within the warranty period. Restrictions apply.

Contact us for more information about our warranty policy.

You can also drop by our computer repair store to get your MacBook Air repair and MacBook Pro repair in Aurora, CO.

Computer Water Damage Repair

Do you need expert assistance with a water damaged desktop computer or laptop? The Phone Plug’s team of technicians can help you. 

We offer computer water damage repair that comes with a computer diagnostic check and a free quote for all computer repairs needed.

The diagnostic check will let our technicians find out which parts need repair or replacement, and they’ll get back to you with a repair quote and turnaround time for all repairs.

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Laptop Repair in Aurora, CO

Our laptop repair services in Aurora, CO covers Windows laptops from Dell, Lenovo, Acer, and other brands. As long as we have the parts your Windows laptop needs in stock, we’ll start your laptop repair right away.

Let our team know what laptop you have and the issue you’re having with it, and they’ll lead you to the best solution.

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Computer Battery Repair

Are you having issues with your laptop’s battery life? We highly recommend getting a laptop battery replacement service. A new battery will last you long enough even when you’re working outdoors and far from a power source.

The Phone Plug’s computer battery repair service covers MacBooks and Windows laptops. Let us know what computer you need a new battery for, and we’ll get started.

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Desktop Computer Not Turning On

There are many possible reasons behind your desktop computer not turning on. It could be an issue with your computer’s power source, its power supply unit, processor, RAM, hard drive, etc. 

If you can’t find out what the problem is on your own, The Phone Plug’s technicians will be happy to run a computer diagnostic check on your machine to help you find out what’s wrong with it. After the diagnostic check, we’ll get back to you with a repair quote and turnaround time.

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